Fine Wine Or Beer – Which Is Better Wine Or Beer – Which Is Better

Now, who doesn’t like to indulge in a glass or two after work. But the main question is – which do you prefer – a glass of vintage wine with dinner or a quick bottle of beer. These two alcoholic beverages have fans of their own, and it is this hard to say which one is better because they usually comply with different occasions and food. So you may they are both great. But, if we dig a bit deeper and take a look from different perspectives, we can get an answer to our question – which one is better. Now, there are many different sorts of wines and beers so here we compare quality and expensive wine /beer sorts.

Let’s start with health benefits. There is a common idea among people that wine is healthier than beer. However, in recent years, researchers from prominent universities have discovered that it is actually beer that has more benefits for the human body. Apparently beer is better that any luxury wine because it contains a lot more antioxidants and B vitamins. Also there is an active ingredient in beers that prevents clogged blood arteries. This means that beer indirectly affects your heart and its condition.

From a different health perspective, beer looses a round with wine. If you are keen on loosing weight because all kinds of diseases are associated with this condition, then you should avoid ordering beer. Rather choose a fine glass of cellar wine or just water to achieve the goal you have set up for yourself. Fact do confirm this, as most white wines include an average 65 calories per glass while red wine goes a little higher – 70 calories per glass. This applies to both cheap and expensive wines.


Another reason why wine and beer are different is because they are perceived according to the sex. In some countries, beer is your typical male beverage for every day, and wine is a drink women share over gossip or when flirting with their date. So in general, men are more keen to beer as women are to wine.

If we analyze food pairings with alcohol, we can easily say that beer can fits every meal, every time of the day. Not that wine is restricted to pasta and certain red meats only, but beer is of lighter texture and can be drank with most foods without having any strange feelings in your stomach. Nevertheless, this is a discussion of different taste, so this doesn’t mean that you can’t try drinking luxury wine and eating a hamburger. We all have strange habits and tastes.

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